Karaoke Jukebox & Wireless Microphone

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Karaoke Jukebox & Wireless Microphone

Post by Red Fox » Wed May 20, 2020 9:28 am

Karaoke Jukebox & Wireless Microphone

Product Parameters:
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• Brand :EPXCM
• Model: LS-880
• Product name: Karaoke Jukebox
• Material: Piano Baking Paint
• Screen Material: Tempered Glass
• Audio Output: RCA, optical fiber
• Video output: AV,HDMI
• Select song way: Mobile phone, Tablet, touch screen
• Power consumption: 48W
• Compability: 619/4.:3
• Input voltage: 12V4A (wide voitage:110V-240V)
• Size: 15.6 inch, 18.5 inch
• Interface: HDMI, RCA, USB
• Memory : 2TB
• Song Out: about 40000 songs
• Suitable for various occasions
• $749.00 BND (Karaoke Jukebox)
• $109.00 BND (Wireless Microphone)

From karaoke jukebox you can do everything in here. From the latest song to oldest songs you can sing as much as you want. From here also, you can use from your Android to choose any songs and the mobile can scan the two dimensional code to order songs. At karaoke, you can download song as well. WIFI is connection available. Calibration can adjust baud rate and correct touch screen accuracy. Also, use your own USB flash drive to sing your own song. At karaoke, you can online adding in Network Cloud and wireless microphone and mixer too. Now you ready to have fun and enjoy your own festival at your own house for special days.


If you interested, call us: 2342408/2342409, or come to our place Dalplus Technologies, Unit 43 Simpang 13, BT Complex, Kg Jaya Setia, Jln Berakas, BSB. Email us: edwina@dalplus.com/zeera@dalplus.com

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