Drug Abuse Act Chapter 27

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Drug Abuse Act Chapter 27

Post by Red Fox » Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:48 am

The Narcotics Control Bureau, arrested three men and a local women who are unemployed, aged between 22 to 38 years in a raid at a house in Tutong District.

As a results of investigations on one of the male suspects, several plants believed to be cannabis have been found, small plastic packages containing dried leaves believed to be cannabis as well as materials believed to be used to taking drugs.

Meanwhile, investigating on the other two men have found some packets of drug believed to be Methamphetamine. All the suspects were also arrested on the offence for taking the drug.

The Narcotics Control Bureau reminds that it is an offense under the Drug Abuse Act Chapter 27, if involves in any form of activity relating to the abuse of controlled drugs including cultivating or planting trees or plants for which an extracts can be used as drugs.

Any information regarding drug abuse activities can contact 2448877 during office hours, hotline 8777444 after office hours or email 'ncb@narcotics.gov.bn'.

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