Road bad design at commercial areas

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Road bad design at commercial areas

Post by Hadi » Tue Nov 26, 2019 9:37 am

I was stuck for at least 30-40 mins coming out of the Regent Sq area a few days ago. Many shops and offices have opened in that area and it is doing well now. The problem is with the government bodies that approved those shop houses without thinking about the infrastructure in that area. Driving in that area, you would see haphazard road system. The first is the entry to Sim Kim Huat area. The road system there is utterly confusing. Then the Regent square area with it bustling shop houses have only one road to go in and out of that area. During rush hours, it is a nightmare.
This problem seems to occur over and over. Look at the Airport mall area. There are currently 6 malls there with 2 more being built. But there are only 2 road single lane road each direction in and out of that area. How can these projects be approved?

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Re: Road bad design at commercial areas

Post by CNNBSB » Thu Nov 28, 2019 3:50 pm

Very true. One access that frustrate me alot is why do they not have a road to link the Gadong Properties building and Bangunan Kambang Pasang to the Abdul Razak shopping area? It is crazy the one have to drive all the round through Jalan Gadong and jam all the way in.

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